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Our coffee plants in Thailand bloom every year during the October to February period. Thereafter, the coffee fruits are ready to be harvested about 8 to 12 months after blooming.

After selection, washing, drying, hulling, the Amazon Blend is formulated in roasting temperatures of 225 to 230 degrees Celsius, where the weight of the beans is reduced by 20%, but their grain sizes increase by 50%, allowing the beans to reach their peak flavour.

This results in a mild acidity and a full body and aroma sensory experience, producing a strong, rich cup of coffee with a distinctive earthy flavour.

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Amazon Blend

To satisfy our customers to the best of our ability, Café Amazon has developed its own coffee blend, named the Amazon Blend, which is served in all Café Amazon stores worldwide.

The Amazon Blend is wholly farmed, harvested, selected, washed, dried, hulled, roasted and packaged by Café Amazon, where top-notch quality control measures can be performed to ensure that we are providing our valuable customers with the absolute best.

In 2018, Café Amazon has sold over 178 million cups of coffee made from the Amazon Blend in more than 2,700 stores in 8 countries. Café Amazon has won the No. 1 Coffee Brand in Thailand and Brand of the Year at the World Branding Awards 2017.

Come experience a cup of coffee made from our Amazon Blend in any one of our stores.

Premium Blend

Café Amazon also has another coffee blend called the Premium Blend.

Our Premium Blend is a coffee flavour that is rich in an aromatic experience and caters for those who prefer their coffee a little lighter. Indulge in a full sensory awakening as you charge towards the day ahead.

Try both the Amazon Blend and the Premium Blend at our stores now!

Our Signature Drip Fresh Coffee

You can easily use our very own Signature Drip Fresh Coffee to prepare your own fresh brew, anytime, anywhere!
To make a perfect cup of Joe, you need:

A warm cup

Water between 92-96°C

Freshly grinded coffee beans

Freshly steamed milk